Hands-on Philips’ new Fidelio Android speaker docks

speaker docks from Phillips. The three speaker docks are in the Fidelio range. The three docking stations all use the Philips FlexiDock that will allow the smartphone to charge and play music from your Android device at once.


That cool FlexiDock hook up is movable from right to left so you can center the phone and it can be height adjusted to fit lot of different devices. The music playback part is handled using Bluetooth streaming. That means that it will play tunes from any smartphone that supports A2DP Bluetooth. The Fidelio app will pair and connect the smartphone from playback when it is docked.

The three models include the AS851, which is the high-end device has dual full range 3-inch woofers and a 15W amp. It also has a USB port for charging another device at the same time. The AS351 is smaller than the other with a 10W amp and then the AS111 is round and meant to be an alarm clock. It also syncs the time when you dock the device. The devices sell for $199.99, $129.99, and $89.99 respectively.

[via SlashGear]

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