Washing Machine Clock with USB Combo Card Reader and Hubs

Here’s an odd combination of gadgets to keep for your desk.  It’s not that combining a hub and clock is all that appalling, it’s more the washing machine style shape.  It doesn’t look bad, and it does get the job done at least.  It doesn’t overly look like a washing machine either, but once you make the comparison, it’s not hard to see.  It’s also thankfully conveniently compact to make travel with it a lot more convenient.


It’s not only a USB hub and a clock, but a card reader as well.  It will read Mni SD, T-Flash and M2.  No external power is needed, although I am concerned that once you unplug the USB you would have to reset the small clock every single time.  It will of course work with both OSX and Windows, as well as Linux (as long as it’s 2.4 or later).  It also supports SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Mini SD, T-Flash, MicroSD, MS, MS PRO, MS DUO and MS PRO Duo.  You can pick this up for $13.99 on GizFever.

Source: GeekAlerts

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