The Steampunk 2GB Copper USB Drive

This isn’t the first steampunk USB drive, the last one was a favorite among steampunk lovers.  Well one seller on Etsy decided to take a crack at it themselves.  I’m not sure if it turned out quite as well as it could have, but it’s still an interesting design.  It’s entirely possible that these are just poor pictures of the drive.  Either way, the clear tip filled with gears is definitely a great touch that gives the drive a different angle.


My biggest problem with it is the main part of the drive, it looks like it was wrapped in a cheap metal that doesn’t quite form to the drive as much as it should.  They did add some gears to the top of that, but I’m fairly sure one time of slipping it into your pocket and those would pop off.  I could be wrong on that, but all around it looks like the craftsmanship is just a bit on the cheap side.  Although this drive is cheaper than a lot of steampunk devices, it is by no means cheap.  You’ll end up paying $50 for a 2GB drive.

Source: TeeChee

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